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Corey David Haag

Author, Phiosopher, Free Man


New Release

Unveiling a Better World 
Deconstructing the Veracity of the American Fable   (2022)

Compartmentally evaluating truths within the American mythos, including the statist mythology, religious conformity, historical evidence and emplaced evidence, culturally distinguishing identifiers, the capacity for growth, and all else that informs us of who we are as Americans and how that enfolds into global position and status.
An analysis of the socially engineered human, central governance, and the evolving degeneration of the architecture of collective human psyche and wellbeing.

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Corey is an author, researcher, meditator, army veteran, world traveler, father, speaker and proponent of Natural Rights, Spiritual Anarchy, Science, Exploration, and Freedom of the Individual. 
A mixture of extreme life experiences has formed his worldview. One which exalts personal freedoms and the potential of the human race. This perspective is balanced by his intolerance toward the onslaught of detractive qualities that are proliferating in the United States of America and globally.

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November 3rd 2022, Interview on Rebunked with Scott Armstrong Podcast, 5PM - 7PM MST

November 4th, 2022 Interview on Hrvoje Moric Show with Hrvoje Moric Podcast, 7:20- 8:00 MST


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